September 1, 2013

The Ghost Show

A man claimed that he could summoned Ghosts and Spirits and dared his friends and neighbors to come and see his claims. Many days passed and people became very curious. Everyone wanted to see the ghosts though they were very scared. The man announced a day for is ghost revealing show and many friends and neighbors flocked into his house leaving behind the children at home to see the ghost.

It was a no moon night and very dark outside. The man had warned his audience to come in dark dress. He said that the ghost didn't show itself to people who wore bright dresses.  He also warned the people about consequences if they let their fear show and asked everyone if they wanted to leave the show to go before he started his chants.

People’s curiosity won over and stayed. Everyone was asked to sit in a circle and the man started his chanting…Strange words were uttered and incense sticks were burnt.  He passed around a bowl of heated oil to use it on the face and hands and other exposed body parts. He said that the oil is special blessed oil prepared especially to repel the evil spirits lurking around. His chanting went on for more than ten minute and put the light out to darken the room. In the darkness he passed on some more oil to apply saying that the more oil you have on your body, the more the ghost would be repelled from your surroundings.

The man left the room and saying to the people present that he would go outside and ring the bell thrice. He said that the ghost would make its entry on the third bell. He told the people to be alert and they waited with holding breath. When the third bell was heard, people caught hold of the person sitting next to them and prayed inwardly feeling really frightened. The people waited for the ghost to make its entrance. There was no sound and people could even hear their own breathing. There was not another sound from the ghost revealer either. They waited for some more time for the ghost to make its appearance but in vain. Someone in the group fumbled inside his pocket and brought out a torch light and put it on. The flickered the torch to the person sitting opposite to him. What he saw made his hairs stand on its end. The person sitting opposite to him had his face covered in black soot except his teeth. Seeing the person in such condition, someone lighted a match and put on the lamp.

To everyone’s horror, everyone was looking like a character from a horror movie, covered with soot and oil with only their eyes shining. Someone in the group burst out laughing and the rest followed while a few were very furious.

Everyone realized that they had been taken for a ride and some even went outside to look for the ghost revealer who was nowhere to be seen. They shouted his name swearing that they would kill him for pulling out such prank.

Near the doorstep, they found some buckets of water with soap but there was still no sign of the owner. The angry group washed themselves and waited for the owner to turn up.

After about half an hour when angry crowd had calmed down, the man made his entry to his house smiling carrying locally brewed alcohol. Having realized that they had been tricked for fun in such a remote place where everything remains same everyday they all burst out laughing. Seeing the man coming with alcohol brought another pearl of laughter and they talked about the incident till late night and laughing over it.

The ghost show became the talk of the place for a while in the village after the incident.

(Note: - This is a real incident that happened in a remote village where people still believe in superstition…)