June 8, 2011

Gossip online

Men often say women gossip a lot. (oops sorry…if I am being bias here) It’s just a cliché. Gossip has come a long way and now in the digital world we can even gossip with strangers on the online forum. For instance, there is always something to reflect upon after reading the post on kuenselonline forum. Normally I don’t visit the forum but sometimes it’s hard to ignore it.
 Well…if I narrate an incidence, last year someone wrote on the forum complaining about the feeding period of the teachers of a school. Looking at the post, I could make out who the writer was because that post concerned my school. The DEO came to learn about it and called a meeting for the teachers trying to solve the problem when I could clearly see that there wasn’t any. It was just a sheer resentment shown towards the school principal and concerned people involved. Our half day was wasted for nothing.

It’s good to note that Bhutanese are becoming aware of the power of media and digital world but one must be responsible for ones action. We cannot just hide behind a nick/user name and keep posting things without verifying the facts. So many complains on the forum makes me feel that the GNH is still far away.
We have come a long way from walking to the neighbour's place to the  digital world of internet  but the thoughts still remains the same.

Just watch out! You might be the subject of someone’s conversation online at this very moment and that someone may not always be woman. :P


  1. hey Bells,its so amazing tht we wer thinking of the same thing to write abt....recently i was quite annoyed with the posts on he supporting staff of my school making their grunts....i was just thinking of hw ppl r (mis)using the forum.:(

  2. i forgot to add, i just thot of writing but ddnt write cos i ddnt feel like joining the league of those gossip mongers,lol. But seeing ur post bt the same amazed me,v seem to have same thots,connected thots?lol.

  3. Its really annoying to see people pointing fingers on others hiding behind the nick and misusing the forum...and more over recently, I have seen so many topics related to education and teachers... going by the post,the others might think that the teachers are a disgusted lot...:P
    may be we thought of the same thoughts due to telepathy... lolz

  4. Can you change your theme or something. the writing is fading in the background. however, you can change it to make it more pleasant and interesting for readers.

  5. I was one such person about four years ago- moving and shaking lots of things. There is magic in telling it online than personally.
    After over 300 posts I realized I have reached nowhere, only made enough enemies, then blogging clicked. And then I found friends! Today I don't visit any forum!

  6. My world... thanks for the suggestions....
    @Passu... I feel that such forums should be used in a positive way... its a harsh reality that we know how to point fingers at others but we are still far away from learning to appreciate them for their hard work...I guess that's being Bhutanese... :)