June 11, 2011

My passtime

I don’t exactly remember when I actually started reading but I guess, it has mostly been influenced by the Irish teacher that we had way back in the mid 80s. She used to be our neighbour and had a nice collection of fairy tales and lady bird books. Her resource room in the school used to be filled with colourful posters and books and she used to read to us. Gradually, I started borrowing her fairy tales and before I knew, I found myself helping her in the resource room and reading more books.

After she left on the expiry of her term (She was a VSO teacher), I started visiting our school library which had some collection of books. The library in-charge was an Indian lady teacher and the shelves were mostly stocked with the Amar chitra katha, so I got to read some Indian classics and myths like the Mahabharata, Ramayana and the stories of some great Indian freedom fighters. Later on I started reading the Nancy Drew series by Caroline Keene, Hardy boys’ series by Franklin W. Dixon, and the books by Enid Blyton and the list kept on piling.
Later on when I went to high school, I spent most of the time in the gymnasium since the school library was located there. I could play basketball and table tennis there besides reading, so every evening before the evening study hours, if anyone came looking for me; the gymnasium would be the first place they would check.

Now almost two decades later, I have stopped playing table tennis but I haven’t ceased reading and playing basketball (which I play occasionally). My collections of books have increased every passing year but I have also lost some books to my friends (who intentionally forget to return). With introduction to the blogs, I have started reading the blogs (especially the Bhutanese blogs) regularly and I feel there couldn’t have been a better pastime. I am loving it <3

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