June 7, 2011

Thank You for the wishes

The birthdays always excites me. It doesn’t matter whether its mine or others but it kind of gives us an excuse to communicate. I usually do not celebrate my birthdays (out of habit) but my daughter never stops surprising me.  She remembers everyone’s birthdays and doesn’t forget to wish them at every opportunity. :)
This morning I was preparing for the day when she tiptoed from behind and handed me a present after wishing me. I didn’t know that she had bought a gift  for me. That was very sweet of her. I later learned that she took her dad last evening to buy the gift. I got some text messages from friends and families for the same as well  and later on when I logged into facebook, I saw my wall flooded with the birthday wishes.

Some extract from my facebook wall and inbox ;) 

 “Many candles on the cake,
Many wishes to make,
Many dreams to race,
Wishing you Happy birthday and many best”
“Happy birthday, Sangye Dee. No candles on your birthday but keep the flame of life burning.”
hey hey B'day girl or should i say lady!!!!!!!!!!!LoLzzzzzz.........................Neways many happy returns of the day and now since u r a year down closer to the heavenly grave...........and so i guess u better u give a exploding B'day blast. Well till then cha cha and take care sweets”
One of my niece wrote many happy returns of the day :) hope uncle treats you like a queen today (although he does that every time)...enjoy your day”
Thank you all for making me feel special today. :)  And for reminding me that I am a year closer to my heavenly grave as one of the well wisher writes...lol
No time for my birthday treat now, time to get back to poetry and read through the lines of Marvell, Keats, Yeats and many others. Got to get through my papers. My Birthday treat can wait till Saturday. :)


  1. Sweetest way of thanking your well wishers could not have been better than this...so sweet of you, Madam. Happy Birthday from me too.

  2. Thank you Qinza for the wishes as well as for pay a visit to this blog... :)