June 21, 2011

The last morning before the summer break

I woke up at dawn and woke up my daughter for her revision. She is writing her exams and she still has some more papers to write before her summer holidays unlike the students of my school who must be in deep slumbers unaware of the dawn breaking and their mothers getting ready for the day. 

A little household chores here and there occupied most of my morning and I was busy talking care of my laundry (the pile had been waiting for me since Saturday due of the water problem) when my son (who had woken up later than usual, thanks to the summer heat) called me out. He shouted through the bathroom door that my friend had called me to remind me to pick her up on the way. I asked him to read the time for me as I was getting late. The principal had asked us to be in the school before 7 in the morning because he wanted us to plant some saplings around the school and we agreed since we didn’t have to attend the regular duties.

After quickly sipping the tea which nearly scaled my mouth, I rushed out of the door asking my son to open the gate for me. I hurried to pick up my friend on the way and when I reached near the river, I found the river had swollen due to the rain. There was no way I could drive through the river so I parked the car near the river bank. We rushed out and walked through the suspension bridge which rocked all the more making us dizzy. When we reached the school we found that the principal and some of our friends were already there digging pits and planting the saplings. We joined the group carrying the saplings that I had pulled up from my flower garden. 

After a hard labour of about one hour, we collected the digging tools and made way for the staffroom where our breakfast awaited us. 

As we bade farewell to our friends and drove through our usual route, we saw the regular office goers driving to their office. Bur for us the holidays have begun and it’s time to relax with family and friends without having to worry about the next lesson for two weeks.
I am loving it :D

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