June 15, 2011

The summer break

With the approach of the summer break, all the people near me are busy planning for their break but not without complain. Unlike the previous years, this year the education ministry issued an office order stating different summer break timing for different Dzongkhags and some of the schools had to bring forward their exams. Some are still wondering on the different summer break timing because the LG election will be held uniformly on the 27th of this month.

Most of my friends are leaving for the election duty and even my name came out in the list but I canceled it because I want to spend some quite days with my children before I leave for my summer residential classes. 

Many friends ask me about my plans for the summer and I just tell them that my plans are already in place. I say it’s in place because I don’t have any hand on the plan since my summer break is not mine to do as I please. As soon as the LG election is over, I have to report to Samtse for my summer residential class. Luckily this year, we have just one week unlike the previous years where we had to sweat in the summer heat for more than two weeks. 

Well, as soon as the exams get over, I will be busy with the evaluation and other duties pertaining to my office while many of my friends will be making history with their participation in the first ever LG election but I have no regrets for I know where my priority lies. 

This is the last time I will be going to Samtse for my course and I am looking forward to it with mixed emotions. I am glad that it’s finally going to be over but it will also be a time where I might be seeing my friends for the last time. After the course is over, we have no way of knowing whether we will see one another again or not even though we are in the same profession. So whatever the outcome may be, I will be sweating in the summer classes in Samtse for the last time while my colleagues will be relaxing and having a vacation.

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