May 1, 2011

Being a teacher

As the teacher’s day draw close, my cell rings continuously with my friends and students calling me to wish for the day. Some text messages and some send mails.

Reflecting on what I decided, I know that I did not become a teacher by choice.  It just happened and now I believe that I was destined to be one; to bring little changes in the life of many learners. And having the opportunity to light lives around me is the greatest feeling. It has been sixteen years yet I still feel that it was just yesterday when I was undergoing my training at Paro. Being a teacher makes it so. I have read somewhere that “a teacher’s heart never grows old” and I do feel that way.

Reading the messages and mails makes me realize that I had affected some lives in my own small way and that makes my life worthwhile as quoted by Sister Mary Rose McGeady “there is no greater joy nor greater reward then to make a difference in someone’s life”.

There are ups and down in the life of a teacher but at the end of the day one should be able to sleep peacefully for having given a day’s work for a day’s pay. If we do anything less then it’s not worth being a teacher. There might be many restrictions for us but we have the potential to prepare children to triumph over all the huddles in their lives. So let’s do it! Happy teacher’s day friends!


  1. Hey DD,
    Thanks for dropping by. Happy Teacher's day to you too though I know u r gonna miss it here this time... hey any way hope you are keeping well there...:)

  2. happy teachers day. It's interesting to learn how teaching has transformed you...

  3. Thanks Passu... I know I was too young to realize what I was bargaining for when I first joined the profession but now I know that it was my destiny calling... :)Happy teacher's day to you too ... :)