May 2, 2011

Celebrating Teacher’s day!

With abating breath we had waited for the day, the day dedicated to the teacher’s of Bhutan. Many text messages and calls were exchanged and I felt elated since it was our day, the day to reflect on our achievements and failures and to rededicate ourselves to serve our students better.

We had arranged some refreshments and some dance programs for our students because unlike other schools, the students of my school are too young to shoulder the responsibility to organize the event.  And the teacher’s had decided to have lunch together since we hardly get time to spent time among ourselves.

The students marched to the school before time because they wanted to be the first to greet their teachers. The teachers slowly made their way to the school because the principal had given them the liberty to walk in 30 minutes later than the usual time. I was one of the late arrivals because I had to pick up a friend and her son on the way.

When I got to school, most of my colleagues were busy with lunch preparation and our principal was talking to some students.  After wishing my friends for the day, I made my way to the staffroom when someone commented about the power blackout. Darn!  What a way to celebrate the day! We made few queries to the BPC and learned that power would be restored in 3 hours. Well… we couldn’t keep our small students waiting in the heat for three hours, so we served them refreshments and sent them home promising them that they would be able to show their dance programs the next day. The children left for their respective home but the teachers stayed back.

Sweating in the heat, we prepared lunch and three hours passed yet there was no sign of power being restored. At 1 pm we had our lunch and made way to our respective home with renewed dedication to be a better teacher then we were yesterday…

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