May 21, 2011


The cell buzzed as I was coming out of the class. I looked at the number and found that the caller was a friend. She doesn’t usually call me without any reason so I picked up the phone and asked her the reason. She shouted excitedly “Our King is getting married”. “Hey, hey, cool down and tell me the whole story” I asked and she went into details about the announcement made by His Majesty at the end of the inaugural address at the seventh session of Parliament in the morning of 20th May (yesterday) in Thimphu.


The news was a mesmerizing one. When the British Royal Wedding was broadcast live a few weeks earlier, I was watching it with my friends and family and wishing for similar news for our bachelor King. There couldn’t have been a better time for our King’s Wedding announcement. 


We felt a need to celebrate the news and it came as an invitation to the live show by an influential businessman of the area where the Bhutan Star 2010 top 5 contestants performed their musical talents in the evening. Basking in happiness of the Royal wedding announcement and watching the show was a great combination for the day. We could only make this wish from our heart “May the king and the queen live forever in the realm of happiness” .


“Come October and

The People’s King

Wed Ashi Jitsen Pema

The Dakini incarnate


My heart rejoices

As a true citizen must

And wishes the Royal couple

Eternal happiness”

*Photo courtesy: facebook


  1. Congrats on your Kings wedding :).Let the celebration continue forever :)

  2. Thanks Anu for dropping by... yeah m counting days for the celebration ... :)