May 13, 2011

Her ever-changing hobbies

My children are growing and their interests seem to change every few months like the change of seasons. “What is the mother supposed to do?” is the question that I almost always ask myself. For instant, at this time last year, my twelve year daughter seemed like a voracious reader when she finished the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer in a month. Even I took a little longer time to finish the books. After that she was keen into music and every time I allowed her access to the net, she was busy downloading the songs and learning lyrics.

And a few days back, I came to know that she was secretly maintaining a diary. I came upon her diary when I was unpacking her packed lunch basket. My intuition told me that it was wrong to read her diary but my maternal instinct thought otherwise and without much thinking I went through it. It was very touching to read her minute recording of everyday events that happened to her at home and school. The language she had used to express herself was very impressive. But I wonder how long this interest of her would last and what would be her next diversion… :)

(note: This article was posted a few days earlier but my article got deleted when carried out their maintenance work)


  1. wow.....i would were wrong to peep in her diary...but i had a smile when i imagined her writing diary.....:).....and yeah...i hope your daughter continues involving in such activities...:)

  2. yeah... I know I was wrong to read her private thoughts without her permission but a mother is alys curious abt what her children are upto, so I guess I couldn't help it... :)

  3. When I was young I wanted to work in bakery, later I wanted to be a guitarist..a dancer....then read a lot...volunteered a I have sticked back for reading. probably she is getting influenced by surroundings. Its really nice that she is curious about everything...let her allow to discover her potential and going trough her dairy is BAD :)...Cheers for the young Champion :)

  4. Thanks Anu... dont remind me...I feel very bad about prying into her diary... cross my heart, m not gonna do it again :)I guess my daughter is more like what u had written (exploring her potentials)...:)