May 25, 2011

My association with Tom and Jerry

Every time I enter my kitchen, I am greeted by a huge faded sticker of Jerry with his tongue sticking out and his hands on his ears like he is jeering at me just like he does to Tom in the cartoon series.  I cannot really recollect how it found its place on my refrigerator’s door but it always brings smile on my lips whenever I open and close the kitchen door. The sticker looks faded now but it never fails to bring smile on my lips even today. Sometimes I name my children Tom and Jerry because of the nuisance they make out of nothing just to gain my attention.
My association to Tom and Jerry goes beyond the cartoon  characters that I watch on weekends with my children. My daughter prefers Tom to Jerry because she says she gets inspiration from Tom- the never give up attitude and the many creative plots he designs to outdo Jerry. My son is more of a Jerry’s fan. He believes in “good things come in small packages”. Though they watch other cartoons series, Tom and Jerry is one of their favourite and the only one the whole family enjoys together as and when we get time.
My niece has come to stay with us and we call her nibble sometimes because of her tiny teeth and also because she is smallest in the family now. So the characters of Tom and Jerry find a special place in my family.

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