May 27, 2011

Grasshopper and money…?

These days we can find lots of grasshoppers around our resident especially in the evening. Grasshoppers vary in size and colours and sometimes they even find their way into my kitchen which is very annoying.
My husband called someone to spray pesticide around my cottage some weeks ago but it seems to me like the grasshoppers have increased in number after that. While talking casually about the grasshoppers and mosquitoes in the area, my husband related an incident that took place some decades ago at Samtse.
The students of Samtse in the late 80s use to relate grasshoppers to money. It was said that if a boy found a grasshopper on his bed, he was to expect some money order from home or relatives and gradually the boys started believing in that since coincidently a few boys got money order from home whenever he found a grasshopper on his bed.  
Once a boy, out of dire need of money went out to the football ground to look for a grasshopper. He found one and carefully carried it on his palm and placed it on his bed and waited for his money order.
If grasshoppers relate to money then, by the numbers of grasshoppers seen around, sjk would be the richest Dzongkhag

* Pic courtesy : google


  1. Not to forget that you have a large group in your that makes you wealthy too. May be I need to try this grasshopper trick someday,lend me one from your back yard,lol.

  2. haha...u can call me anytime you get back... the grasshoppers are all urs for