December 2, 2009

Why I hate hospital visits………..

The hospital gives me a creepy feeling every time I visit. I see death lurking around the beds of the patients. I see the patients in unbearable pain and the pain in the eyes of those relatives. I see the tiredness in the eyes of the staff, who have worked the whole night to save a patient and the worries written on their face. I see the clock slowly working to number the days of the patient on this earth.

The smell of the hospital gives me headache and I feel like a patient myself during the visits.

It was just about a week; I was in my class preparing results when a friend asked me to help her to get to hospital. Though I was busy, I left the work I was doing and drove her to hospital. She was complaining of severe pain in the chest.

We got the prescription and waited in the queue for the doctor to arrive from his morning round to the chamber. The wait was quite a long one since there were many patients. After about an hour wait, we finally got to go into the chamber, and my friend was checked. It was found that she had high BP and they had to keep her under observation. I ended up admitting her in the hospital and came back.

 In the evening I found out that her state hadn't improve and therefore she was referred to the regional hospital and she was taken the following day.

That night I ended up taking some pills to subside the headache due to the hospital visit……..

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