December 18, 2009

Of farewells and tears…

We all say that meeting and parting is the way of life, but when the reality strikes us, it still leaves us with a void feelings however prepared we are. I always shy away when it comes to biding farewell and I always wish for something to come up so that I could escape the farewell gathering. But I am not always lucky, I guess.

When my friends knew that I was planning to leave, they had quickly arranged a lunch for me. It was ladies get together. All the friends from my work place came to the gathering and we had a great time unlike the formal gathering. My principal wanted a formal gathering for the three of us who were leaving on transfer and he wanted me to be back to the school on the result day. I agreed on that since I wanted to meet my students before I left. But as luck would have it, I couldn’t keep my promise due to some unavoidable circumstances. And since I firmly believe that “God is great, whatever he does must be the best”, I trust that, I was not meant to be there on that gathering. I know that my friends are mad at me for not making to that gathering but I am glad that I didn’t make it because I always tend to shed tears on such occasion which is sometimes very embarrassing…


  1. Wai I remembered my farewell where I had to deliver a speech. Luckily I practised in Dzongkha written by one Dzongkha Teacher and they were all surprised to learn I was good in Dzongkha on my last day with them.

  2. Wai I remember my farewell when i delivered a speech in dzongkha written by dzongkhag lopon. all shocked to learn i was good in dzongkha on my last day with them. haha

  3. Hi Ugyen,
    Its good to c u here bt hey I can't view ur blog. Can I have access to ur blog?