December 6, 2009

The second chance

She was bright. She was successful and she was everything a man would dream of in his woman. She earned her salary in six figures and worked as an international consultant.

She judged the values of a human being not by the size of their heart and the strength of their character but by the size of their wallet and the content of their bank account. She was destined to reach the pinnacle of success in her career. She was busy striving that, she missed out living.

She had three small children at home whom she hardly saw because she would be mostly out and when she returned home late at night on some weekends, the children would look at her as if she was a stranger. But she would reason out that when they grew bigger, she would find time to be with them. She didn't realize the distance that was mounting between her and her family.

One evening she was returning home from another town, when the car she was travelling went off the road. In that split of second, she thought of her family, her husband and her three children. She prayed that if she survived, she would fulfill the duties of a mother and a wife. She realized how much she had missed in life. If only she was given a second chance. Then everything went blank.

When she came to her sense, she saw herself in a hospital with her children and her husband around. She was grateful for the second chance and now she looks forward to being with her family and to live a new life.