December 21, 2009

Me and my brothers

I was the fourth child in a big family. I don’t remember spending my early childhood with my two elder sisters mostly because they were away in the boarding school while I was learning to walk and talk. When they came on winter holidays, I remember looking at them like an intruder, intruding the haven we had because my mother would focus all her attention to the two sisters who had been away from home for most of the year.

My younger brother was my best friend. He was two year younger to me but we were of same height and I always ended up getting beaten by him almost everyday. But he was very protective when someone tried to bully me. In the school he was way junior to me because he got detained to some classes.

My elder brother was more of a bookworm. He hardly went out to play. I don’t remember him being sporty or playing any games. He was usually seen with a book on his lap and a music player.

And my youngest brother was my dad’s favourite.  He would get the best of gifts amongst all yet he was very scared of dad. He could never face my father during meals. He would usually occupy the place furthest from my dad’s place.

Now, we have all grown up and settled in our own life. We hardly have time like those good old days. Those good old days are gone beyond recall!
 It had been many years since I talked to my elder brother because he is busy with his life and his three kids. My younger brother tries to come often to meet me since he takes care of our parental home. My youngest brother is still single and getting old.


  1. I grew up with 4 other rustic brothers, fighting year after year giving pains to parents and relatives.
    Now that we all are grown up, everything is really good. All of us have at least degree in academics and all are fun loving too. Few are here with me now, one from Shrebtse college, one from teaching holidays and one graduated from college.

    Basketball team lang pa cha na...haha...and we keep goondas away from us..

  2. My brothers were very close while we were young but now we hardly have time now...all are busy. But my sisters are really cool. when we met, we forget about our husband and it always fun to be with them.