December 8, 2009

My first driving lesson

I was never interested in driving and didn’t bother to learn. I even sent my van to my in-law while my husband was on study abroad. My friends used to tease about it when I used taxi service to travel to Thimphu on weekends and holidays.

Then on December, 2004 my husband forced me to have a learner’s license which I agreed after much argument. But again, my interest was far from the driving, so I let my learner’s license collect the dust at the corner of my bookrack. I did not get it renewed when its validity expired. Then my brother-in-law got appointed to work abroad and he wanted us to keep his car for him. We had two cars parked in front of our house with just one person to drive.

After some months when my brother-in-law returned on holidays, he teased my husband on not teaching me driving who in turn told me so. I got irritated on constant remainder and I took the car key and started the car. My husband on hearing the engine roar rushed outside and got into the passenger seat. I was nervous but I wanted to show them that I could do it. Since I had been observing my husband driving every time, I tried to use that observation and started of, I drove slowly and my entire body was shaking but I put a calm face in front of my husband. He looked at me and told me to take it easy. I knew he was nervous too. I drove about two km when I stopped the car and got out. My husband was mystified and asked my reason for stopping the car. I said I had enough driving lesson for that day and wanted to continue the next day.

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