April 6, 2010

The realization

He had been abroad pursuing his masters degree and was looking forward to returning home in a couple of months. It was just about few months left for him to wind up his studies and he had already started packing to return home but did he have a home here? He made home in the various places he was placed during his tenure in the service but he never felt he had a home. Yes, he had a family but they stayed away from him because of his nature of work. Due to the distance, their relation suffered and he hadn't talked to his family for almost a year.  Not even to his children.
His friends urged him to make his marriage work and he tried but the gap created due to distance and miscommunication had grown beyond bridging and his studies abroad created even more gap. He was thinking of how his life would be once he returned when his cell rang. The voice at the other end made him nostalgic and he couldn't help the tears from flowing from his cheek. The caller was his daughter. She gave him an account of what was happening at home, the place he dreaded to visit. But talking to him brought back fresh memories of his happier times with his family.

Her call made him realize how much he missed his children and how much his children have grown in his absence. He asked himself whether he was a good father or a good human. He did not have answer to that. It was more than an hour after the phone got disconnected that he was still holding his cell phone and crying. He resolved to make up to all the time he had lost and return to his family and try to make his relation work for the sake of his children.

(A true story... The man in the story made a call to me wanted me write about this. I tried my best but I know I didnt do much justice to his emotions... may he be able to keep his resolution....m keeping my fingers crossed)

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