April 7, 2010

The struggle

The quest for the greener pasture had lured him away from her. She had always been supportive and respected his decision when he decided to go and work in the USA, the land of dreams. She supported him financially to secure a visa and a plane ticket to his destination. The process was not without huddles but she managed that with the support of her caring family and friends. It took her many travels to Delhi and much spent money but she put up with that all. After all her man was going to States to secure their future (that’s what he always said)

He left her when she was five month pregnant with his child. He promised to call her as soon as he reached there. Days passed into weeks and weeks changed into months. Seasons changed but she didn’t hear a word from her man. Her relatives asked her about her man but she had no information. She got worried and made a long distance call to a friend who said that she had seen her husband a few days earlier in a Bhutanese get together. The information gave her a relief and some hope.
In the mean time her baby entered the world. Holding her baby in her arms brought tears in her eyes. She wished her husband was there to share those tender moments.
Her days dragged by but with the help of her supportive relatives, she survived. When her baby started teething, she starting thinking about her life and began to restate her priorities in her life. She decided to find her a job and got herself enrolled in a training institute. She worked hard. She had to because she had to think about her little baby at home. She completed her course and had a secured job though it was just enough for them. Her mother came to live with her to help her with babysitting. She could sense lots of questions in her mother’s eyes but she ignored since she did not have answers for those.
She enrolled herself in continuing education and spent sleepless nights studying, working and managing home. In time her hard work paid off. She got her degree. Now her future was secure with a secure job and teenage daughter but there was no place for any man in her life. She did not trust any man because only she knew what she had gone through during those first years of her struggle when her so called husband left her never to return.

In a few months time she will be leaving for the states to pursue her masters degree. She just wishes that she doesn’t come across the pretender during her stay there

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