April 17, 2010

All smiles

My daughter had a great wish to shake her hands with His Majesty the 5th King some day. She was not happy last year when her friend got a hug from His Majesty while she did not.  I had to console her saying that everyone does not get such opportunities. She felt jealous when her friend bellowed about the incident.

A visit to our school on 16th April by His Majesty was a dream come true for my daughter. The students from the Middle Secondary School were also called to our school because our school has a big multi purpose hall.
His Majesty granted an audience with the students and asked the students to ask him any questions. The students stood dumbfounded. They had never had such opportunities and they were speechless upon the consideration shown by the young King. The second passed when a meek sound was heard from a girl. Every one turned around to see my daughter asking the first question to His majesty… His Majesty patiently answered her query. She was all smiles. She got lots of praise from her friends and the visitors. After a round of questions, she asked another question to the King. The king couldn’t help his smile and called her in front and hugged her. She couldn’t believe that she actually got her wish fulfilled. Her one dream came true.
In the evening I had to listen to her incident time and again. But the best part was that she was all smiles even when she went to bed.

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