April 13, 2010

Dreams come true

She dreamt of being some one beyond her means. Though born in poverty, she dared to dream. She dreamt of going to school like other girls of her age but her poor parents could not support her and instead she had to help her parents in sharing the responsibility of earning the bread for her family. That’s the plight of being the eldest in the poor family. Despite being poor and destitute, she never lost her hold of her dream. She helped in herding the cattle for the rich family in the village and for her service, she was given some food which she gladly took every evening to her ailing mother and her younger siblings.
The evening was her favourite time. It was the story time and she always liked the story which had the angles that came to the rescue of the unfortunate ones and wished she had some angles to help her from her plight. Her mother used to tell the stories and they would fall asleep listening to the story of the far away lands where the people always lived happily ever after. And she would always pray silently for an angle to save her from her present condition.

Then a day came when she came face to face with her angle. Her angle came in the form of a woman in her thirties looking for a companion for her four year daughter. The woman had travelled far and wide looking for a maid. When the woman heard about her, she came without wasting her time. The girl (cheche) was asked to get ready to leave for the capital. She was elated. At last her prayers were answered but she was also saddened to leave her family behind. Though poor, they were her only solace till then. But then she had knew that the money the lady would pay her parents for her service would help her family lead a better life. So with a mixed feeling she left to live with the strangers.
Her meeting with the four year girl was a unmemorable but as days went by, they became very close and the little girl followed cheche every where calling her “Ana…. Ana” Thus cheche became a member of the family. She worked hard and pleased every member of the family with her hard work and honesty. And everyone trusted her. Her zest for learning made her learn the language fast and she could understand the other dialect quite fluently.
A year after she came to live with the family, she was asked to attend the school with the little girl. She was overjoyed. She could see her dreams turning into reality. She shed tears when her foster father brought her a new set of uniform. She felt awkward to be starting her school when the girls her age were in class 5 and 6. But the kind words from the lady of the house let go all her doubt and fear. On the first day in the school she got her new name “Sonam”. Yes she like the new name better than the old one.
And she made a promise to herself that she would never let go the opportunity that was bestowed upon her and work hard to fulfill the dreams.

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