April 21, 2010

Monsoon is here again

The much awaited rain came as a relief from the dust and heat that was becoming unbearable in the southern belt. It was a welcoming scene. I rushed outside to feel the first drops of rain on my face. Ah! It was refreshing. I called my kids outside for a walk in the rain. We carried our slippers in our hand and walked bare foot. We walked around the neighbourhood and I could see the children enjoying the first showers like us.
The rain had rejuvenated the earth and I could observe the green world with the promise of  bounty harvest this year.
The rain has also got the river near our school swollen and I cannot drive to my work. I have to park my car with the rest of other vehicle on the bank and walk through the suspension bridge. The walk on the suspension bridge with more than five hundred students is something to be experienced. The swinging of the bridge under the weight of the commuters had my knees go weak with fear on my first walk.
It is still raining and the bridge still swings under my weight but I am getting used to it now.

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