March 27, 2010

Truth is stranger than fiction

I was feeling gloomy because of some turn of events. I had just received a call from a friend in who shared the news about the accident of a close friend. She had lost her baby that was due in another month’s time. It was disheartening to hear that because I knew how much she wanted the child. It took her ten years to conceive that baby and she was very happy about it when I last saw her in January. Now the much awaited gift of her life had gone. I knew what she must have been going through and wanted to console her but I had no nerve to call her. I think the weather outside understood the gush of emotion I was going through for the heavens broke down and I could hear the platters of rain drops on the roof.
I knew I had to call her but I couldn’t. Instead I called a mutual friend and broke the news to her who expressed her sympathy but the dreams she shared to me prior to the accident of our friend was something beyond my beliefs.
In her dream she said that she saw our friend selling jewelry to the others and in the process collected a lot of money.  Seeing money in the dreams indicate the misfortune and believing that she had made call to our friend to warn her of her dreams but she couldn’t be reached because the network was very busy at that hour. After that she got busy and couldn’t call our friend. When she told me the date when she had that dream, I was shocked because the accident occurred within 12 hours after that dream.
Does something like that really happen? Or was it a coincidence? I know I don’t believe in dreams but that incident made think over and when I related about the dream and the accident to other friends, they said that such things happen… but it is still hard to believe…

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