March 9, 2010

My sister Jane

After sometime I finally made up my mind, she was the one and I really wanted to make her mine. I had all the reasons to be with her. She had been there for me every time I wanted a shoulder to cry on or a joy to share with. She never failed me.
I had met her during my first year in my high school. She was a tiny little girl with a thick pair of glasses. Everyone in the campus called her "sister Jane" and I too did that until I finally got to know her better.
I was participating in the house debate and my house captain teamed me with the sister Jane. The first practice session progressed without any exchange of words between us but as days passed we began to discuss and scaffold the strength of one another and we made a very good progress. Even the house master was impressed with our work and we won the inter house debate competition.
During our times together I saw a girl with a dream beyond my means, a girl capable of passion which I was not aware of and a friendship I had never dreamt of. I took our friendship for granted and never kept any secrets from her. I had many up and downs in my relationship with other girls but I always went to her when I needed a shoulder to cry on. She would always be there with her ever knowing words to console me and help me over come the breakup.
We completed our high schools and went on to pursue our dreams but we never lost our contact. We always found time to exchange mails and calls. At times when she did not respond mails or made calls I would be frantic with worries and my friends would tease me that I was being irrational. My girl friends were jealous when I shared about our friendship but I would always argue saying that there is nothing more than a friendship between us.
At times I would wonder whether there was something more than a friendship between us and I had no answer for that.
Then I met her during the graduate orientation. At first I couldn't recognize her when she called my name. Her glasses were replaced by contract lenses and her feature looked more famine. I stood there speechless. I now had the answer that had been probing for ages� "Yes, she is more than a friend to me". I kept that realization to myself because I did not want to spoil the friendship that we had.  The orientation was over within the blink of eyes and we sat for the civil service examination. The results were declared and we both got selected.
I then decided that she was the one with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I got a small ring with an inscription "MY SISTER JANE" and drove to her house and rang thedoor bell. She was all smile when she saw me and took my hand and said, "Rinzin, meet my fianc�e". I managed a meek smile and said "Hello" extending my hand to the man who stole my girl�..

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