March 15, 2010

A complete woman.

“Am I a complete woman?” I asked myself when a friend said I had to acquire a driving license in order to be complete. I asked my other friends about the same and many had different opinion on being complete. Some said, one needs a family to be complete, others said they need to have a secured job in order to be complete.
Different people had different view on being complete. And Yes I needed to be complete. I had to acquire a driving license. I left earlier from my work and headed to the regional RSTA office to practice for my test which I had been delaying due to one reason or other. My friends had been urging me to get it done before I got into trouble with the RSTA.  And it so happened that one Saturday my husband was driving me and my children to school when we bumped into the people from RSTA doing their routine high way checking. I thanked my lucky star for I was not on the steering wheels that day as I normally do which saved me from embarrassment.

I asked a friend of mine to accompany me and we practiced inside the D-box for about half an hour. The RSTA officials asked me to come for the test the next day at 9 O’clock in the morning.
I had a sleepless night for I was thinking of what might happen the following day. I didn’t want to be a laughingstock in if I failed in the test. I got ready and went for the test at 8.30; half an hour before the time and got busy with the practice. At 9.00, I was called in the office for written test which wrote within 5 minutes since it was all multiple choice questions with the options given.
The next was the most difficult part. Most of my friends had talked about their experience in the D-box and I was quite nervous but I pretended to be calm. The officials were watching me drive in the box from all the angle and I felt like a prisoner with all the guards eyeing my escape. After about an eternity, I could finally come out of the box and I heaved a sigh of relief when all the people watching me drive applauded me.
And then I was taken for highway drive which was not a problem and at the end I was asked to come for a refresher’s course the following Friday which I attended. Now I hold a valid driving license and I cannot help smiling when I remember the conversation I had with another friend who suggested me to take some bottle of beer to get through the test.
Yes, if acquiring a driving license makes one a complete, then I am a complete woman now.

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