March 9, 2010

A day in the life of a student

My day begins with the wake up call from my mother. She calls my name several times before I open the door and walk sleepily to the bathroom rubbing my eyes and murmuring something. Some times my mother hears my murmur and asks me what I said to which I pretend not to hear her and continue with my sluggish walk to the bathroom. Once inside I relieve my bladders of its burden without closing the door and my mother screams at me asking me to at least have the decency to close the door of the bathroom. The next I clutch my tooth brush and start squeezing the paste from all the sides making the tube shapeless. I know my mother would get mad when she sees that but I like to be shabby most of the time and she forgives me every time.
Its almost my breakfast time when I get out of the bathroom and my sisters grumbles at me saying that we are getting late for the school. I take my gho to my father who dresses me up and my breakfast is ready on the table when I am done with the dressing.
I quickly eat my breakfast and grab my school bag and my packed lunch basket from the table and walk to the waiting car. I check my bag in the car to make sure that all the things are there. My sister looks at me accusingly sending me a message that I should be more responsible. I make a silent promise that I will get up early the next day to avoid her accusing looks. The drive takes 10 minutes to get to my school and all my friends are already in the school. I get out of the car and join my friends.
The school bell rings and I follow my friends to the assembly ground and pray the "Jamyang Soeldep" which is followed by the speeches, announcements and finally the national anthem. After that I move to my class and sit cramped in the small classroom in between two noisy girls.
The class teacher moves in lazily and takes our attendance not bothering whether we are comfortable or not. After that begins my torment. I try to listen to every word my teacher says but I am unable to concentrate because the girls on my both sides and busy whispering between the teaching by the teacher. The teaching continues despite the whispering and I hear the bell which indicates that the next period is Mathematics which is my favourite subject. I wait for the teacher to enter with my books open and look around to see some of my friends dozing off due to hot weather. I control my laughter because I know that the boys are going to be annoyed with my laughing and I am looking for trouble during the recess. Mathematics period is over within a blink of eye and its time for break. I look into the lunch basket and find my favourite snacks that my mother never fails to pack. I take my snacks and hide it inside my gho and go outside the class and share it with my friends.
The ten minute break gets over very soon and I am back to the class for science. I wish the teacher would take us to the lab because I love experimenting when it comes to science.
I dread the fourth period because the teacher who teaches Dzongkha is very strict. Once I was not able to pronounce some words correctly and after that I had become her target. That's the reason I stay late at night practicing reading Dzongkha. The period moves at snail's pace and my stomach rumbles... I pray for the bell to ring earlier to save myself from embarrassment.
The lunch hours are my best moment in the school. I take my lunch with my friends quickly and we play in the heat till we sweat. We smell all sweaty when we enter the class after the lunch. And then begins our dozing session. At the end of the day my head feels like it had been pricked by thousand nails due to the noise made my by desk mate. And eardrum is at the verge of bursting. I look at the final bell  with relief.
By 3.30 pm, I am all set to go back home and wait at the school gate for my mother.
When I get home, I throw off my gho, put on my regular jeans and go out to my waiting friends. I spend about an hour with my friends and I get back home for my home work because my mother is very strict with our study schedule. I sometimes wonder whether I attend two schools in a day.

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