November 11, 2011

We will miss you

The trees are just as green as before, the birds sings and the autumn sun shines as clearly as it was yesterday. Yet the familiar surrounding seems suddenly dull and lifeless at the moment and the sunshine seems to have gone out at a stroke and the birds seem to have muffled their songs.

The storm that has caused irreparable mishap in the family will definitely discompose in proportion in time but at the moment even the day 11.11.11 - a once a century event doesn’t bear much charm today.

Fighting a losing battle wasn’t easy but we had to try. For two long years the battle was on. Visiting from one hospital to another, performing countless rituals, changing daily dose of medicine and looking for blood donors every few days had been a daily routine.  But now we have lost the battle and everything is over.

You have left a void in our life that can never be filled but I am glad that your suffering is over now. It was torturous to be a witness of such an evil pain that was eating your life away by seconds. Your passing away is a reminder that everything is impermanent.

Thank you for all the joy and laughter you have brought to us.
May your soul rest in peace!

(Kunzang Rabten, a class XI commerce student   passed away this morning after battling leukemia for two years)


  1. Hi Madam, On this special date, 11.11.11, as I opened your blog page, i was visitor number 11,111, and in total there are 11 1s.
    But sad to learn that some one loved by you all passed away. May his Soul Rest in Peace. Om Mani Padmed Hung.

  2. Thank you Lethro...

    Its just the reminder for us that nothing lasts forever...

    Really surprising that you were 11,111th visitor on my blog. Thanks for visiting and double thanks for ur prayers