November 25, 2011

It’s finally over

The daunting task of three years has finally ended. When I first got enrolled in a distance education program three years ago, it felt like a never ending task. The first day of the winter residential class in 2009 almost made me regret my decision. The day ended in daze and I among forty five others were given an outline of the first semester programme. Loaded with loads of assignments to carry home and list of presentation to be made during the residential class I had  very hard time coping up with the long sitting hours in the classroom from 8.30 in the morning till 4.30 in the evening with one hour lunch break.

It was like being back to school days and taking notes for every module made my fingers ache but I could not think of taking rest in the evenings for the preparation for the following day was mandatory. Thus began my tedious two weeks residential classes every winter and summer for three years.
The assignments back home left me with very little time to attend to the social calls and I could not visit my village ever since I joined the course. The semester always ended with some written examinations for some modules and each semester saw decrease in the number of candidates. 

I am glad that I could stick around to complete it despite all the domestic emergencies which threatened me to drop the course time and again. This was possible due to the support of my family who had been with me through all those numerous late night last moment assignments and exams preparation. My husband was my biggest support. When I was on the verge of giving it up, he urged me to keep moving forward.

Today after I wrote my last paper when I walked out of the hall it felt as if a huge load had been lifted from my shoulder. The results will be declared after a few months but I am optimistic about it. I am glad that my three years journey is finally over.


  1. It's nice to know that you are done with it. Well done ma'am. Congratulations! It's a big achievement in your life indeed. Thanks for sharing about it here. :)

  2. Thats a new milestone for you madam. Now you will have more time for your social life and more time to share many more things here, and on WAB. cheers to you la.

  3. Thank you all for ur visit here and leaving ur comments.
    @Langa... Thanks for the wonderful sketch u made.
    @Lethro...I am glad that I will have more time to revive my old reading habit frm now.
    @DD...Thanks... I m sure u must be already pack to head for home now... Travel safe :)