November 3, 2011

My nonsense

Three years ago, when I started scribbling, I never thought I would have a blog of my own where I would fill the page with my never ending nonsense which didn’t make sense to me (forget about making sense to the others).
Initially I just wrote some craps for to amuse myself but later  when I started receiving comments for my craps; I started writing on some prevailing social issues like violence against women and some fictions which some of the member of Nopkin thought to be my very own story depicted as fiction. Most of my readers were quite disappointed to learn that those stories were fictitious rather than my real story.

One such craps lead to another and at one time I was one of the active members at Nopkin and when the founder "NOPKIN" suggested me to be a moderator readily I assented to his offer. Later on some friends suggested me to have a blog of my own. Since I was a novice at IT, I just followed a link suggested by a friend and followed the instructions online. Since then there was no looking back. Though most of the things that I scribble are nonsense related to my life and things around me, there are friends who have been patiently reading through my nonsense. 

I have been keeping this blog for more than two years now but most of the time my blog updates are like the facebook status updates with nothing significant to make the reader ponder about. Yet I try to keep this blog alive with my nonsense.

In the process of updating my blog, I have hardly written anything for ( though I always make a point to login to check on the new post) and WAB (writers Association of Bhutan) for a long time. A member of WAB  once said that I was missed there but then I haven’t had time to re-examine some of the folktales that I have heard so that I could reproduce it for WAB. It might take some time before I can post a new folk tales for WAB. 

In the meantime, all I can do is add more craps to my nonsense and try to keep my blog alive.


  1. Its very lively to go through la. I Enjoy every post of yours which makes great sense to me.

  2. ma'm though you kept on saying "my nonsense"..but i enjoyed reading it..
    i follow your every post...keep writing ma'm..

  3. Thank you Lethro n Gyatri sir for ur kind words n visiting my page... If it in any case makes sense to u...I wud be delighted to fill this page with some more brokshees (nonsense)... :)