November 14, 2011


Happy are we when we gather;
But when the things change,
And the time passes,
We witness our world shatter.

We hope against hope for one more day
Pray as we might,
Curse as we dare
But the time clicks away!

The lost time never to recover
The tarnishing beauty of nature
The abundance of the affluent
Nothing lasts forever!

(Note: Trying my hands on poetry... :) )


  1. Poetry is my new found love.....:)...and reading poems of others now brings so much joy....

    to add to your poem, change is only inevitable change our lives has to face,,,impermanence defies the guts of our wish...

  2. Happiness are like dreams and beauteous moments are short lived. All set to perish so soon.
    Beautiful poem mam.

  3. Though an apt fan of John Keats and Robert frost I can never really work on rhyming the lines...

    The addition lines are fab ... thanks @Sogyal

    Real happiness are like dreams truly said Leo...Thanks

  4. nice one ma'am. keep going!