September 16, 2011

Technology Impact…?

More than two decades ago, when I went to school, my only mode of correspondence was through letters. I wrote letters to friends, parents and siblings. In case of emergencies, we used to send wireless messages which came with cost. Telephones were out of bound for the kids my age and I never really learned to use it until I started working.

Today, we teach letter writing in the school but the students hardly make note of its importance. The trend of letter writing has almost come into nonexistent. The only letters we receive through post now are some occasional official letters.
Anyone can text a message at the click of a button and the spellings they use to text the messages can put any teachers into irritation.
Once I saw a text on my daughter’s cell which read “did u rite da projek? If so, let me no… I ned to refr.”

I was wondering what her response would be when she quickly punched some keys and this is what her text read. “Don bt ned finl tuch. ll tel abt dat tom”.
I rolled my eyes reading her text and she raised her eyes to ask what I was thinking. When I shared my thoughts, her response was “common mom, this saves time and more over I don’t write such spellings in my exams”. Should I be relieved or enraged? I don’t want my children to use such short hand writings and let them make a habit out of it.


  1. thats a new trend which has the at best interest of everyone especially people who spend more time chatting in social networking sites....she is right that it saves time......

  2. the new trend scares me a hell lot...guess my age is catching up on me...:) and thanks for ur visit Sogyal :)