September 18, 2011

The earthquake again

Just about two years ago, Bhutan suffered a major disaster due to earthquake. The date 21st September 2009 hasn’t been faded from our memory and now the nightmare seems to be repeating. The only thing different this time is that the epicenter has shifted to Sikkim.
When I first felt the tremor this evening, I thought my son was playing a prank on me as he usually does but when he responded from the next room I knew otherwise. My fear was confirmed when my daughter and niece came running into the bedroom screaming.  It took me lots of nerve to put a brave face in front of my children and console them and put them to sleep.
I tried contacting my family but the mobile network was down and I had no option but to get updates from facebook. And I got lucky that most of my family on facebook had updated their status which was quite a relief.
As I write this I am still trying to contact my family and friends but the mobile net work seem to be out of order and I guess I will have to wait and pray that everything turns out fine.

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