September 21, 2011

The rude awakening

 “The 6.8 tremour on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011 is a reminder that this precious life is unpredictable. For those who have not invested in the next life, it's a warning that the time to prepare for the next life is NOW! There's no opportune time for being a good human being. When one breathes his last, let there be no regret for having squandered thi...” writes one of my teachers on his notes on facebook.

Many are still trying to get adapted to the aftershock of the incident. And some says that it did them good and they are becoming better human beings. Some of my friends feel that we all need this constant reminder that we are not made of steel and there are also some who finds humour even in the crises. A friend called and said “ I got a missed call from Choejay Gyalpo” and I couldn’t help laughing but on a serious note she also said that she suddenly remembered some prayers she said some two decades ago - Sounds ironic but it’s true. 

The tremour to me was a rude awakening. It made me realize how fragile we are. How much ever we advance in science and technology, we cannot withstand the fury of nature. The only thing we can do is to be geared up to endure the consequences of our own blunder, learn from the previous mistakes and be a little more humane towards others.

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