September 30, 2011

The Annual concert 2011

Some of the pictures from the concert- a tribute to the Royal Wedding that was held earlier this month but I couldn’t upload the pictures due to some reasons.
Class PP A dancers all set to rock the stage :)

welcome dance by Class IIIB

Class I A students with the Tibetan dance :)

Nge Sem Nge sem by class IB :)

Aaj kal tere mere pyar by class IIB :)

Shela ki javani by class III D

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  1. nice one......your little people are beautiful...:)a

  2. Thanks Sogyal... I agree that the lil performers are cute ...:)

  3. wow!shelay ke jawani,lol! wud have loved watching ths lil feet rocking the floor!

  4. Thank you DD and sangay for dropping by here... yeah DD ..shela ki jawani was a huge success... u should have been there :)