December 22, 2012

The last gathering

Of more than thirty people only eight of us are female. Due to our different subject and grade levels that we teach, we hardly have time to sit together and talk during our working days. Thus, we decided that we would gather for dinner before we break for our long winter holidays.

We gathered at around 5.30 in the evening (it gets very dark by that time) in a restaurant on 16th December 2012. I was the first one to arrive.  By 6 O’clock we had all arrived. The ladies night out for the first time was awesome. We cracked jokes, drank, and talked on anything that popped into our mind.

It was a gathering of mixed feeling, a reminder to us that we would not be having such gathering with the group in times to come since not everyone would be present for academic session 2013 (some of my friends are shifting to next destination). I cannot say about the rest but for me, the end of the session and the last gathering is always depressing knowing that I would miss my friends and the time we had…

As I pen this, I am already missing them all.

Wish you all a very happy vacation!

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