December 18, 2012

The End

“All is well that ends well” … True! we have successfully ended the academic session for the year 2012 today. We had huddles with transfer of principals in the middle of the session when we felt like an abandoned orphan without any one to guide us but we managed to stay afloat.

Gathering for the last assembly for the year before dispersing for the winter holiday, I could see student’s anxious look. Some of them looked contended and confident that their results would be positive while there were a few of them who were unsure of what the next minutes would affirm.

As we handed over the year’s performance to individual student, I felt a pang of sadness to see them because in two months time when I see them again, most of them will have grown a bit taller and some of them would move to different schools. But all in all I was glad that we were winding up the year. The most deserved holiday was just a day away and I smiled…a smile that spoke many things at a time…

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