December 26, 2012

Fire round

A boy came to his teacher and asked, “Sir, Mi zhuma ga English gai hangten yekpey ya ?”

The teacher being humorous in nature said “what is Mi in English?
The innocent boy replied “Fire sir”

“And Zhuma?” the teacher asked again
“round Sir” responded the boy again.

Now combine the two words said the teacher to which the boy said “fire round sir” and left.
A few days later the boy rushed into the principal’s office shouting, “Sonam is fire round sir!” The principal couldn’t make out what the boy was trying to convey and rushed to the direction where the innocent boy was pointing and found that his classmate had fainted due to heatstroke. 

This is a true incident. The innocent minds are shaped by what we teach them and it is the responsibility of the teachers and elders alike to teach them  appropriately

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  1. Something similar happened in my school days too. A classmate of ours suffered from sore throat and so he wrote an application to our class teacher, which went something like this "...I am unable to attend my classes as I am suffering from goiter..." We were in class five then.