July 11, 2011

Stuck up!

I hate this word “strike”. Every time I plan my journey, I am stranded somewhere in the middle of my journey. It had happened in the past, it is happening now and I know it will happen again yet I cannot come in terms with this word. 

I was done with my course and was looking forward to getting home because I had been away from home for about two weeks. I wanted to get home at the earliest because there were so many things to be taken of  and I knew that my family needed me with them in their times of need. I waited for the driver to pick me up when I got a call from my husband informing me about the strike and the driver confirmed it. All my hopes of getting home on time were shattered to drains and I could hardly stop myself from shedding tears. 

My whole one day is being wasted and I can do nothing to prevent it. My family waits for me expectantly but I can’t proceed until the strike gets over. What a luck! :(


  1. Oh, so sad to learn that you got stranded after singing your farewell Rivers of Babylon, :(. This strikes really disturbs our routine and particularly when it lasts very long I even become wild, with no mental peace. Such thing called strikes are so common in the STates where government is not stable or where some naxalite or militants dwell. I am fed up with strikes out here as well.
    Any ways, wish u a happy journey when strike gets over.

  2. Thanks for ur wishes. I m now back to my station. :)