July 21, 2011

My ignore button

In our course of lifetime, we come across people with diverse personality traits from varied socio-economic background. Some people are forced upon us as relations making it next to impossible to avoid or neglect them even when we despise them. However, we do have the right to choose our friends and have authority to decide who we want to be with.

We come upon people who try to impose themselves on us which makes me wish for a “delete button”. Had there been a delete button, I would have definitely have made some use of it. Alas! One cannot have everything one wish for, so I have devised an “ignore button” which I force myself to use when situation desires.

At times even the ignore button does not function too well but I try to manage with it and till now I have been quite successful to some extent. When someone says something rash about a family or friends in my presence, I pick up a book and read through the lines or fiddle with my cell phone (whichever is nearby). Initially it was difficult to ignore such wagging tongues and it took all my self-control to control myself from rebutting but with time I am able to withstand any spiteful gossip.

If the conversation gets out of control, I leave the room or the place to avoid any further miscommunication. Thus my ignore button had been functioning quite well.


  1. Hey,hope I dnt belong to the group u wish to push the 'ignore' button on:(

  2. hey...how can u even imagine that dd???