July 20, 2011

Evening outdoors

This is the second evening I am staying outdoor because the rooms become unbearably humid and hot due to power failure. The fans and AC remain idle and the rooms are dark. The candle light adds more humidity to the room and I start sweating. I make a hurried dinner of vegetables and rice which takes not more than half an hour before I escape being roasted in the kitchen. I join the rest of the family outside and then after a few minutes, we take our place for dinner. Dinner’s served and my daughter helps me to put away the dishes before we join the others outside the house.

The humidity is unbearably high and power blackout makes it more uncomfortable but we don’t have any other choice then to take shower frequently and stay outdoors most of the time. Knowing that this phase will pass soon, we try to make these evening outdoors amusing by taking some drinks outside and listening to the music using the cell phone while my niece dance to the tune of music.

As the wall clock strikes 9, my kids start for their bed but I sit outside with my husband by my side, listening to some more music before we head back to the dark humid room and wish for the Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) to provide us power soon. :)


  1. :( but enjoyed your article. Thanks for sharing your experience there. Hope the power is restored very soon. Enjoy your outdoor stay and music till then. Samdrup Jongkhar without power? Unimaginable!

  2. trying to make my evening out as enjoyable as possible but with the mosquitoes buzzing around...well u can imagine...lol