July 10, 2011

My ATM experience

I stopped carrying cash because I didn’t feel the need ever since I started using ATM card. Many a times my friends used to complain about the unreliability of the ATM but I always disagreed to them as I never had such experience until a few days ago.

I had reached phuentsholing and started with my list of shopping when I ran out of cash. I made my way to the ATM located in the Tashi commercial corporation building only to find it without cash. My friend suggested that we walk to the ATM located in the head office building which was a little away from the place where we were. My legs were cramping because we had been walking the street for a long time and I hailed a taxi. We made way to the other ATM counter. After paying the taxi, we got out to find a long queue in front of the building. We took our place on the queue and waited. The wait took us more than half an hour and when my turn came to use the ATM it ran short of cash. Darn! Bad luck! I rushed inside the office and asked someone to look into the matter. A girl behind the table walked briskly and got someone to check into the problem.

After another wait for half an hour, I could finally withdraw some cash and head back to the town. Phew! What an experience! Now I will definitely agree to my friends if any discussion on the unreliability of ATM comes up because I had my share of experience…:(


  1. A bad experience but taught you a lesson. Thanks for sharing it here... :)

  2. yeah ...indeed it was an experience that taught me never to take ATM for granted... :P

  3. Thanks for sharing your thought, it will help me always take care of my wallet too.


  4. ezatms,
    thanks for dropping by...and yes it always save us from embarrassment when we have our wallet coz ATM is unreliable sometimes...lol

  5. This incidence taught me a lesson too. I'll never ever take ATM for granted

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