October 19, 2009

The Realization

It seemed just yesterday that I was cuddling my daughter, seeing her toothless smile which brought laughter among the adults. Then the babbling of the first word “Apa”, while I urged her to say “Ama” and then her first day in the school where she did not let me go out of sight even for a minute. How fast the time flies I know not. But now I see my daughter almost as tall as me and taking care of her younger brother and helping me with the household chores after the school hours.

A few weeks ago I was down with fever and was taking rest when my daughter brought me a steaming cup of coffee into the room and insisted me to drink. I looked into her and a thought crossed my mind. Where had all the time gone!

I was visualizing my daughter as a kid when I realized that she had grown into a young lady without my knowledge. Looking back I realized that more than a decade had passed and my daughter is no more a kid but a young lady.

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