October 19, 2009

The First Love

She entered a class. Everyone looked at her thinking that she had come to the wrong classroom. Some boys sitting at the back bench called out saying that classroom belonging to the junior students was down stairs. She was new to the school so she went outside and waited for the teacher to come. Luckily the teacher came sooner than expected and she was spared the humiliation. The teacher took her inside and introduced her to the class. She was the skinniest one in the class so the whole class ended up calling her the tiny one. In the class was a boy with whom she didn’t converse much through their first year in the school.

A year ended and the school closed for the winter holidays. She was busy helping her mother with household chores when one day the postman handed her a letter. Thinking it might be from her friends she took the letter but was surprised to find an unfamiliar handwriting. She was even more surprised to know the writer. He was no other than the classmate with whom she had hardly exchanged a few words in their year together as classmates. He had expressed his feelings, saying that he was in love with her. She thought that she was being made fun of and didn’t bother to give a response.

The school reopened and they were once again in the same class and they went on as if nothing had happened. This time the boy was not going to take no for answer so he started talking to her on a smallest pretext. The girl started to like his company and waited eagerly for him.

By then it was mid year and as the time went by she fell desperately in love with him.

They finished their high school and she opted for a simple job, while he went on to pursue his dreams and continued his studies. They kept in touch through letters but the letters became less frequent with time and the distance grew. She feared that in time it might not come at all but she still kept hoping against hope that he might still have some feelings for her. Her presumption proved true when she stopping getting any letter. He did not inform nor notify her. He just slipped away from her life. She just wanted to know why he went away without any explanation. She was heart broken! Can the love be this cruel! Her life seemed just fine only a year before and now she was all alone wishing that the world would end.

She thought she wouldn’t be able to trust anyone.

It is truly said that it is difficult to forget the first love but with time, everything becomes just the memories. Time is truly a best healer. Now when she remembers those tender moments, it’s not with wounded heart but with knowing understanding because it has given her an experience of life time and made her stronger & wiser.

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