October 19, 2009

The Mistake.

She sat as the dusk was setting in, unaware of the darkness creeping around her. Her thoughts were far away.

Karma and Lhaden had met some years ago at a workplace. They were acquaintance, so off and on they cracked some jokes and gathered for some social gathering and that was all. They weren’t close friends. After about a year or two they went on their own ways to pursue their career.

Then they met again two years ago both happily married with loving families. Since they were old acquaintance it was natural that they talked as and when they met. But then the fate played a dirty joke on them. Karma, though, was a man with loving wife and children, his flirty nature sometimes strayed him away from the social norms. He started to make calls to Lhaden as and when he felt like and poor woman considering him as a friend responded to his call and as the call became more frequent he started making some flattering remarks to Lhaden which she ignored knowing his nature.

They exchanged friendly messages though SMS from time to time. One evening Lhaden’s husband was out of station and knowing it, karma came to her house on a pretext and called her outside the house. They talked for some time and as she asked him to leave, he wouldn’t bulge saying that he wouldn’t leave without a kiss. She didn’t know how to react on that, so she simply said that her kisses were meant only for her husband. She insisted on him to leave before anyone comes and sees them. He left but before leaving he came to her and kissed her on the cheeks. She became angry because he had crossed the threshold of friendship and simply asked him to leave and not to contact her anymore.

Karma, feeling hurt left without a backward glance.

They still see each other socially but there is no closeness that they shared earlier. They are more like strangers now. The guilt of letting the other man kiss her is killing her. She knows that she didn’t encourage him but now she is scared to be friend any man fearing it might lead to such bitter experience and she is still wondering where she went wrong.

(This writing is purely based on imagination. Any resemblance to any reader is purely coincidental)

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