October 22, 2018

Of Facebooking and updates

If Facebook was not launched by Zuckerburg, most people would not have had avenue to pour out their frustration.:D

I am truly stunned by the amount of frustration poured out on facebook. Be it personal or professional, every time, I scroll my wall, there would be some updates on frustrations. Some even go to the extent of creating fake accounts so that they can fearlessly attack their opponent online. I know some people who are very active on social media and glorify the little effort that they put but I also know a lot who work very tirelessly and never try to gain the lime light by using social media to update their sweat. Thus not everything that goes on updates are commendable.

Sometimes we can literally see some children growing on Facebook. Every moment of the child’s life is photographed and updated. It is good to save the memoirs of one’s family and friends but when we put everything online, the whole world have access to the information. We never know who would be using your information and for what purpose. But whatever it is, social media has revolutionized the way of communication and we cannot stay unaffected by it. It is in our hands whether to move cautiously or follow the crowd blindly.


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