July 3, 2018

Random thoughts!

I had been observing and reflecting on some comments on social media. Many a times I go through the writings and comments by the people I know. Most of the time I see lots of grievance, dissatisfaction and criticism.

It makes sense when you receive criticism to see if there's some truth in it, but if you are dealing with someone who consistently shows that they will not be satisfied with you, Its their problem not yours. It almost always turns out to be a low self-esteem problem which he/she compensates for by lowering others.

No one is perfect, but no one is a total loser either.  No one can define you or impose limits on you.  If you come across someone who constantly shows their dissatisfaction and points fingers at others, they're just projecting their own fears and insecurities onto you most likely, probably because they've sensed for some reason that they can get a reaction out of you that makes them feel powerful.

In many of my dealings with people from all walks of life, I have come to observe that the many individuals  who glorify their actions on medias and other group forum are the ones who are the least contributors in the team. They are smart enough to reap the fruit of the team and tag themselves along finding satisfaction in criticizing others. Such individuals must really reflect on their actions and words. Self reflection is a must. Being well read and quoting bestsellers doesnt make one perfect. No one is perfect and its ok to be imperfect.

I am perfectly imperfect and I am happy about it. My imperfections gives me room to improve myself and thats what I call progress in life.

There is a Bhutanese saying , "an unsatisfied person can find corners in an egg". Such is the talent of such people. If you happen to come across one, ignore them if you can, kill them with kindness if you must. But avoiding them is best option.

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