June 26, 2017

Meme Kota gets lodging for the night

This incident was shared by a distant aunt.
My aunt had gone to Tashigang with a group of people and they were returning home. Since it was a long journey (in the mid 80s when the motor vehicle were not readily available) on foot they had decided to rest for the night in a cave not far from the main path. They had lighted a makeshift oven and cooked their evening meal and were taking rest before their dinner when they saw a man coming their way. The man (Meme Kota) asked for shelter for the night in their cave and they agreed to let him stay with them in the cave.

After sometime, they saw a woman walk by and meme Kota called out “Abi, why don’t you ask for shelter with these kind souls? The way is long and it is getting dark.” The woman agreed and stayed. It was later during the dinner that my aunt and her friends learned that the woman was Meme Kota’s wife and he had tricked them into giving shelter to both of them.

Note@I never met this Person but his tales never cease to bring laughter whenever recollected.

(These anecdotes have been written to salute the uncommon man among the common with no malicious intentions).

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