February 15, 2017

Meme Kota and his horse

It was during the time when the motor vehicle (in Bhutan) was scarce and people used mule n horse for transportation. Meme Kota had a horse called “Thremo”. He used to go from place to place taking the horse to transport loads. Once he had gone to Tashigang Dzong to deliver the load and unfortunately for him, his horse littered the place. The policeman on duty saw it and asked Meme to clean the litter. Meme was quite ashamed and was not willing to clean the waste and thought for some time. He slowly walked to his horse and said in a very soothing tone as if he was talking to a child.
He said, “Thremo, look what you have done! How can you let me, an old man to clean your waste in front of everyone? Do you hear what I am saying?”
As he was saying these words, he hit the horse with his leather stripe which made the horse gallop. He followed the horse calling “Thremo, shosho” “Thremo shosho” and rushed out of the gate thereby escaping from the watchful policeman.

I never met this Person but his tales never cease to bring laughter whenever recollected.
( To revive my dormant blog I found no other article befitting than the anecdote of Meme Kota. it is written to salute the uncommon man among the common with no malicious intentions).

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