October 21, 2011

Waiting for the blessing

Source: www.bbs.com.bt
The relics of Lord Buddha, Sangay Shacha Thupa, and his two chief disciples, Sharibu and Mougelgibu arrives today at Dewathang. It will be displayed for three days (from 22nd to 24th October). The people from the neighbouring places have flocked here to receive its blessing since yesterday and the small town is flooding with people of all walks of life. The town had never seen such crowd till now. There is hardly any space to walk on the pavement and the roads are filled with vehicles of all models. I even saw a tata nano this evening. the rooms in the hotels are full and the private residents are also packed with visiting devotees.

Our school has declared holiday tomorrow since we have to drive for an hour on the bumpy road to receive blessing. I am eagerly waiting to receive the blessing and see my friends who will be travelling all the way from Pemagatshel. It would be good to see my friends after almost a year and to receive the blessing from the relics.

In the mean time, I am waiting for my sister and brother to get here with their families. It would be the family get together too.

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