October 11, 2011

To the new beginning

source: http://www.facebook.com/jetsunpem
As the countdown began for the historic event in the history of Bhutan, I sat glued to the TV to get the news updates of the event whenever I had some free time at hand (especially in the evenings). It fills me with immense pride to see the King and queen to-be walk hand in hand in public. It is rightly said that “words are few when the heart is full”- the feeling that I am experiencing is beyond words. I rejoice with the whole country and celebrate the royal wedding with pure joy and sincere prayers for the Royal couple for the new beginning. Wish you a very Happy Wedded life!

The much awaited October has come
The people’s king to wed the royal Bride
Gyaltsuen Ashi Jitsen Pema
At Puna Dewa Chhen-Poi Phodrang,
The seat of the Zhabdrung
Founder of Bhutan.
The world as witness
To the sacred oath
For the holy wedding
And among the million hearts
My heart rejoices
As a true citizen must
Offering my King and the queen
My heartfelt prayers and wishes
 For Eternal happiness!
And  the New Beginning!